The making of Tipiṭaka in audio format

Considering that the effort to spread the Tipiṭaka Scriptures to the public through books encountered several obstacles, then an idea emerged to make it easier, which is through audio. After that the Suttapiṭaka-making project arose in through audio, called “Sutra Audio Project”.

The process of managing this project is more challenging than book printing, but the distribution is so much easier, practical, and economical compared to book printing after the audio is done. In this project, Suttapiṭaka was chosen as the beginning because Suttapiṭaka tends to be directly related to the life of Buddhists in general. The Vinayapiṭaka and Abhidhammapiṭaka remain a matter of consideration to be made in the future, adapted to the situation, conditions, and abilities of the committee. Sutta reading is carried out educatively, that is to read properly and correctly as the Pāli Grammar Rules, not according to a particular regional/country version.