A glance about Sutra audio

Sutra Audio

This Sutra audio project is a fruit of thought and vision of Ytm. Bhante Dhammadhīro Mahāthera from his concern that most Buddhist only know a little bit their own holy book, which is Tipiṭaka/Tripitaka.

This was based on His observation that there is quite a lot of Tipiṭaka mistranslation in Indonesia (which sometimes are very different from the original meaning) that is based from a second language, like English, Thai, etc.

This can make Buddhist misinterpret the real teaching of Buddha. They won’t be able to differentiate right from wrong because there’s not enough knowledge to track it from the original source, which is Tipiṭaka.

More so, some Buddhist thought that the Buddhist holy book is just only the Holy Paritta and Dhammapada. Other than that, most Buddhist read Wacana Pāli not in the right way.

Not reading in the right will give a different meaning. This Sutra audio project is universal, not tied to any foundation/region/country, and is a non-profit project for humanity or to one-another.

This is what we need since long time ago until now, namely Dhamma/inspirational things that bring good benefits.


As a social, non-profit organization that actively supports specifically Buddhist society in studying, deepening the knowledge of, cultivating and preserving the Buddha’s teaching as stated in the Tipiṭaka as a true source of the Buddha’s teaching, with the aim of elevating moral values among the society as well as the nation for the attainment of the ultimate human ideal, that is enlightenment – Nibbāna.


  1. To assist Buddhist people and every one interested in Buddha’s Teaching to know and understand the meaning of the content of Holy Scripture Tipiṭaka correctly, thereby that could be their right guidance for their right view and proper practice.
  2. To glorify the Nobleness of Buddha and to preserve the Buddha’s teaching.
  3. It acts as a virtuous means for participants of the Project in an effort of developing their spiritual qualities.